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Core Services

Employment and Job Training

Employment and job training programs offer assistance and support to individuals with disabilities who are seeking employment. They provide support to help individuals obtain a job, receive training and maintain employment.

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(302) 674-1181

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AHEDD’s mission is to serve the community as a catalyst in the employment and development of persons with disabilities; bringing together employers with motivated and qualified individuals with disabilities. AHEDD offers:

  • Services to enable adults with disabilities to become employed or otherwise increase their participation in the labor market or improve their status in the workforce.
  • Services to youth with disabilities in transition from school to career opportunities.
  • Opportunities to work with advocates who want to access AHEDD'S services on behalf of an individual whom they are responsible.

The ARC of Delaware

(302) 736-6140

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The ARC provides employment training and support services.

  • Provides on-the-job support based needs
  • The ARC has developed long and successful partnerships with many businesses
  • The ARC develops career opportunities in competitive employment and on the job training.

C.E.R.T.S., Inc

(302) 731-0301

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C.E.R.T.S., Inc provides researched based quality programs for individual's with multiple, severe disabilities. C.E.R.T.S.., Inc provides:

  • A smooth transition from school to adulthood for young adults with severe multiple disabilities by providing stimulating programming which maintains/improves watch participants’ skills and quality of life.
  • General programming which include daily living, personal hygiene, dressing and grooming, eating and food preparation, and housekeeping.
  • Recreation and leisure which include games, music, art, and sports, physical fitness and gardening, photography.
  • In addition they offer community skill: interaction such as shopping, library, attendance at social events, and community outreach opportunities.

C.E.R.T.S., Inc. will accept the reimbursement level that is provided by the State of Delaware (through DDDS) for all participants who have been given an ICAP assessment.


(302) 452-3400

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Chimes provide services to people with severe disabilities. This includes a comprehensive residential, vocational day programs, as well as employment assistance. Support persons served in their goals to function to their fullest ability, to have pride in their accomplishments, and hopes for their future.

  • Chimes’ service area covers Delaware, Northeast Maryland, and Southeast Pennsylvania, and Southern New Jersey.
  • Chimes’ work centers are located in Millsboro, Newark, and Dover.
  • Chimes provides supervised, center-based employment in such area as assembly, and packing, bulk mailing and manufacturing; as well as opportunities for people to work in the community under supervision.
  • The teams of employees travel together with the job coaches who work together and support them.

Choices for Community Living

(302) 677-1375x101

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Choices for Community Living enhance the quality of each person's life with flexible services that respect the individual's changing needs.

  • Choices for Community Living provides day programs that help individuals work toward greater independence some people may become employed with special support.

Community Integrated Services

(302) 376-8259

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Community Integrated Services provides supported employment services for people with disabilities who desire a job in the community.

  • Each person is assessed to determine what their likes and dislikes are to determine their skills.
  • The Job Coach helps each person find a job and then provides special training at the job site to make sure that people learn how to do the job correctly.
  • The Job Coach will visit the job site regularly, talking with the person, their supervisor, or any other people who provide or support to the person.
  • Provide Benefit Counseling for people who receive public benefits SSI, SSDI, Medicare, Medicare, and ECT. They need help understanding what happened to their benefits when they start working.

Division of Vocational Rehab (DVR)

(302) 378-5779

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DVR operates programs designed to assess, plan, develop and provide Vocational Rehabilitation services to eligible individuals with disabilities, consistent with their strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities, interest, and informed choice. DVR offers:

  • Consumers have an opportunity to work with a trained Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.
  • Encouraged to develop individualized services to obtain their desired job
  • Employment Planning
  • Counseling& Guidance
  • Job Placement


(302) 657-5589

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Elwyn provides vocational and pre-vocational services for people with diverse challenges. Their facility based work center allows individuals to earn a paycheck while receiving training geared towards preparing for community employment. Elwyn provides:

  • Placement and Employment Support services which provide disabled and disadvantaged adults and young adults with the support they need to obtain and maintain employment.
  • Services including vocational evaluation, skill training competitive job placements, and post placement supports.
  • Elwyn staff helps workers master duties and tasks and become comfortable with the workplace.

Employment and Training Center (Pencadar Plaza)

(302) 368-6622

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The Employment and Training Center provides assistance with job searches, resumes, as well as job training programs. The Employment and Training Center offers:

  • Assistance with resumes
  • Assistance with using the equipment that is provided through the Employment and Training center, Computers, fax machines.
  • An array of job training programs

Goodwill Industries

(302) 504-3556 or (302) 761-4640

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Goodwill Industries provides consumers with assistance in preparing for and obtaining the necessary documentation, identification, and other requirements needed in order to successfully begin an active job search.

  • Community-Based Trial Work Experience
  • Job Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Member for Life
  • Transitional/Sheltered Employment

Horizon House

(302) 655-7108)

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Horizon House is a full-care Residential Rehabilitation program that provides a structured living environment that includes: clinical and rehabilitation services, employment, and educational rehabilitation and supports with 24hr staff support. Horizon House provides:

  • An array of resources/service management supports that includes: clinical and rehabilitation services, employment, and educational rehabilitation and supports 24/7 crisis response.
  • Full-time Psychiatrist, housing assistance, and supports for families.
  • CCCP approach allows individuals to remain within one service system in which all services are provided by the same staff.
  • People who receive Medical Assistance are eligible to receive services from the Horizon House. In the State of Delaware all referrals must come from the New Castle County Department of Mental Health at (302) 255-9399. Horizon House accepts medical assistance through the State of Delaware.

Kent and Sussex Industries

(302) 422-4014

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Kent and Sussex Industries provides rehabilitation and employment services to individuals who need specialized assistance to obtain and maintain an optimal level of employment thru Facility-Based and Community-Based work programs. Kent and Sussex Industries provide:

  • Rehabilitation and employment services for individuals who need specialized assistance to obtain and maintain an optimal level of employment.
  • Work crews to run production lines, salvaging operations.
  • General labor and project management

Salvation Army

(302) 654-5003

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The Salvation Army‘s Supported Employment program helps people with disabilities locate employment opportunities working with local employers.

  • Assist with locating permanent employment for individuals with disabilities
  • A program representative will visit local businesses to explain exactly how the program works and how it can benefit their company.
  • Employment Specialist will assist with the individual's application process.
  • On site assistance helps the employee to learn the necessary skills needed to do their job successfully.
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